Mission Vision History
Deliver affordable design, development and engineering  solutions that help our customers achieve and sustain product and manufacturing advantage.
Become a the leading supplier of technology-based solutions supporting all stage of the product life cycle, from conception to production, while establishing successful and lasting partnership with our customers. 

MEC was established in 1996 by Jacob Lilling, a pioneer user and trainer of PTC Creo CAD and product design software in Israel.
Soon, MEC became the only Creo training center in Israel certified by PTC.
Today, MEC is considered a qualified reference engineering partner by leading manufacturers, in various industries. MEC is committed to perform optimized product life cycle processes-From idea through design, development and testing, to production - requiring technical expertise and support; through design, development and testing. Currently, the company employs about 50 mechanical and electronics professionals and technology experts, including experienced managers, engineers, designers and drafters, with over 900 accumulated man-years of knowledge and experience.